Cataract Falls

Is the New Year a time when you feel the impulse to start fresh and commit to change in your life? Did you know that trauma and traumatic stress can keep us stuck? Ready to recover  your resilience–the flux, flow and power of your own life energy?

CONTACT ME NOW to schedule an individual session (30” complementary session available) or to participate in a group. On JANUARY 20, 2016, 6:30-8:00 PM, I’ll be leading a Meet-up group on  TRAUMA RESILIENCE: Intro to Sustainable Care for Self and Others.

Read on to learn some of how trauma can hinder life energy and how healing happens

Of course, change is happening all the time. We become aware of change and our own resilience if we pause to notice it in the present moment.

Trauma and traumatic stress, however, can keep us stuck and feeling that change and forward movement is impossible. Indeed, one of the definitions of trauma is a dysfunction in our capacity to be in the here and now. Riveted attention to danger in our environment helped us to survive. But if we are unable to protect ourselves, our physiology can become dysregulated, separating us from our capacity to be present and move forward. On a nervous system level, we are powerfully attracted to a swirl of (subconscious) emotional and muscular memories that are linked to trauma and continue to be replayed. (See Trauma and Memory. Peter A Levine, PhD.)

Somatic Experiencing-Trauma Resolution and Somatic Practice-Touch Skills understand that trauma is in the body and support us to renegotiate whatever didn’t get to happen through the body. First, stabilization and regulation happen as we sense safety in relationship and strengthen our experience of safety, pleasure and well-being in the body. With safety and regulation on-board, we begin to renegotiate bits of traumatic experience (expressed as overwhelm and/or shut down) and find our natural, healthy, resilient range. We rediscover what Somatic Regulation and Resilience teacher and childhood trauma expert Stephen Terrell describes as the “treasure chest” of our own life energy.