The lotus rises up from the mud.


Touching the body’s wisdom.

Find healing and resilience

after early trauma.


Did your early life leave you feeling unsafe, on guard and having to manage many symptoms?

Were you abused, neglected, unseen or unloved as a child?

Were your experiences as a baby or young child overwhelming and beyond words– adoption, life-threatening illness, discrimination?

Do you tend to think: “everything is up to me” or the “world is always harsh and dangerous”?



Although you may never feel a sense of well-being or safety—you survived!
Your curiosity and awareness of what happened to you is a first step toward healing.

What would it be like if you could:
• Really rest and feel safe and connected—with yourself and others.
• Sense inner body rhythms as a deep resource, an inner guide.
• Shift toward the simple, healthy pleasure that’s present right in the moment.
• Feel a balance of energy and ease.
• Really believe you matter.



This kind of well-being starts from the ground up with a balanced, flexible nervous system. Somatic Experiencing® and somatic (practice touch) therapy are potent, gentle practices for resolving trauma & trauma symptoms. Within the safe haven of our relationship, your body/mind will learn a new language of regulation, resilience and health







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loving kindness

Quan Yin–embodiment of compassion


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