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A warm WELCOME from Mary Scheib RN FNP MSN SEP,  Family Nurse Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing Therapy — Trauma Resolution & Somatic Practice Practitioner.



  • Curious about Somatic Experiencing Therapy and how your nervous system responds to toxic stress & trauma & how your system self-regulates and co-regulates within a warm human connection?
  • Interested in learning simple, gently powerful ways get a sense of what’s working with the body & using natural, safe healing modalities?
  • Wanting to ease symptoms and increase your sense well being? (Chronic pain (pelvic, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches), depression, anxiety, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, stress related, autoimmunity, social anxiety–for example).


  • A nurse or other care provider experiencing high levels of stress in your work & wanting to build trauma resilience.
  • A health, service organization or non-profit looking to provide trauma awareness and prevention training for staff or volunteers.
  •  Recovering after a traumatic child-birth? Accident? Fall? Facing a new diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment?


  • Aware of your own traumatic experiences? (prenatal/birth trauma, accidents/falls, emotional/ relational trauma, sexual trauma, violence/ witness to violence, racism, homophobia, natural disaster, war)
  • Interested in trauma resolution and  resilience after early trauma & healing intergenerational trauma.  Kaiser’s ACE Study
  •  Someone who understands how curiosity and willingness to learn empower your own healing.




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Mary’s deepest intention in her work with individuals and groups is to offer compassionate presence, knowledge and facilitation that build safety and connection in relationship, empower self-healing and guide the recovery of vitality.


Along with medical knowledge, Mary also offers the key difference of the Somatic Experiencing–trauma resolution approach: an understanding that trauma and stress are a dys-regulation in the body/mind and not in the event(s).  To heal from trauma, we attend to the body.  The Somatic Practice approach adds the dimension of gentle, listening and regulating touch within the secure base of a safe relationship.  We focus on present moment awareness of experience, re-establishing natural rhythms, recognizing resources and  completing impulses. Integrative wellness modalities are valuable supports to health of body and mind.


Through her own healing journey as a care provider and work in public health, Mary is inspired to offer trauma resilience groups and workshops for nurses and others in caring work.

Quanyin - compassion goddess statue

Quanyin. Eyes of compassion, observing sentient beings, assemble an ocean of blessings beyond measure.


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