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Hello! I’m Mary, a Nurse Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. As your Somatic Trauma Therapy-healing guide, I understand that Trauma lives in the body.  When trauma’s inside, you may feel unsafe and “wrong” in the deepest sense of yourself.  As we work together, you’ll have new experiences, sensing inner safety, self trust and goodness. With practice, your brain will change—that’s “neuro-plasticity.” We work with the core of trauma—imbalances at the brain and nervous system level. You’ll notice a deeper and more stable sense of wellbeing. As awareness grows, you’ll own your own healing story.  You’ll feel and be more present and conntected to yourself and others.



I offer my own healing journey as a precious gift to you. I first heard about healing trauma from a wise mediation teacher.  Gradually I became aware of how early traumatic stress in my early life was still acting inside of me. I found important support on my own healing journey from yoga, mindfulness, psychotherapy, nutrition. Yet, in adding somatic trauma therapy, I found a deeper sense of safety, an inner light and my own healing story. I bring the wisdom of my core teachers (and their teachers) , Kathy Kain and Steven Terrell, to my work with you.




How do we work together in Somatic Trauma Therapy sessions for early trauma? 

  • With good company along the way, you have the capacity to heal naturally.
  •  Regulation and resilience work is the foundation of my practice of Somatic Trauma Healing for early trauma.  I use gentle, non-doing touch in most sessions. Touch speaks to early experiences without words
  • We move at the unhurried pace of “body time”. We take the time you need to feel safe, stable and ready.
  • You’ll learn the language of your nervous system and self care you can use during and between sessions.
  • In the “safe haven” of being together, we expect the “baby” to show up and we respond with the wonder and love essential to healing early trauma.




Throughout my Nurse Practitioner practice, I’ve focused on the whole person-body, mind, and spirit.  Nourishment, rest, simple, safe use of herbs and supplements, yoga and mindfulness practices, and caring human connection are crucial to healing. Now in my private practice as a somatic trauma therapist, I’m fully committed to science informed, naturalistic healing.




What am I like and think is important?  I’m gentle, curious, intuitive, playful and adventurous.   Although some say I’m quiet, people feel my strong presence. You may hear me say something surprising and know — I really hear, see and care about you.

I work in ways that speak to you.Your courage inspires me.

I value diversity and inclusion. It is up to me to understand my white, cisgender, straight privilege and its responsibilities– offering you a safer space to feel welcome.

I continually bring new understandings of the art and and science of trauma healing to our work together.





My training and credentials

  • Masters in Family Health Care Nursing, University of California San Francisco,
  • California RN #267727 NP #7768
  • ANCC National Certification, Family Nurse Practitioner.
  • Somatic Experiencing—Trauma Resolution Therapy Practitioner, 2013.
  • Somatic Experiencing training assistant 2016-present
  • Advanced studies:
  • Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists. Resilience and Regulation afterEarly Trauma (Kathy Kain CMT MA and Steve Terrell PsyD.)2014-2017
  • Organic Intelligence Expert (Steve Hoskinson MA) 2017
  • Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine: Integrative Mental Health; Anti- inflamatory Diet.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: SF Zen Center: “Establishing the path to practice”; James Baraz: “Awakening Joy”; Rick Hanson: “Foundations of Well Being.



“I would refer clients to you Mary. I see and feel your presence as you’re working.”  Stephen J. Terrell, PsyD, Sep. Instructor and Consultant, Somatic Regulation and Resilience after Early Trauma. Austin Attachment and Counseling Center”


“Mary Scheib is a gifted clinician dedicated to helping patients recover from trauma using somatic experiencing. She has a gentle spirit and a lovely healing presence.”   Priscilla Abercrombie, RN, NP, PhD, AHN-BC, Fellow Integrative Medicine U. of A. Women’s Health and Healing. President of the board —  IM4US, (Integrative Medicine for the Underserved, US).  Formerly SFGH Women’s Health Center, UCSF Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic,  UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. 

“I had the privilege of getting to know Mary over the course of our 3-year Somatic Experiencing training program. Mary is brilliant intellectually, emotionally, and energetically. She is, first and foremost, a sincere human being who is genuine in her desire to connect with and help others. She is also exceptionally smart and talented. During our sessions together, I experienced her as extremely caring, attentive and attuned to me as her “client.” As a result, I would not hesitate to work with Mary if you are looking for a practitioner who will provide great care and a tremendous amount of skill.  Alexis Stricker LCSW, SEP.


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