What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner, often called an “NP” for short, is an advanced practice registered nurse.  Therefore, the NP completes graduate level education such as a master’s or a doctoral degree.  All NPs in California are first licensed as registered nurses by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). They have an expanded scope of practice over the traditional registered nurse role.

NP’s work independently and in collaboration with health care professionals and other individuals. They provide a range  services in many health care settings including private practice.

Medicare sets national guidelines for NP billing for services.  NP billing is based on NPI (National Provider Identification) numbers.  Nurse practitioners obtain NPI’s for identification and billing purposes.

NP’s are unique in their emphasis on the health and well-being of the whole person. They focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and health education and counseling. Holistic NP’s integrate care of body, mind and spirit.