Newsletter Launch

Welcome to the launch of the newsletter for my private practice — Integrative Trauma Healing.  SUBSCRIBE
I’m offering individual and group sessions of the body-mind practice of Somatic Experiencing (SE) for trauma resolution, supported with wellness education (mindfulness, nutrition for example).

When we’ve experienced trauma, our body-mind may get dys-regulated. The system needs to complete the physiological stress response and self-protective movements that are naturally set in motion. Even though the event is over, our body still registers threat. Through gently coming into the present moment, and processing small bits of the “trauma physiology”, within a safe relationship, the ‘ system’ starts moving and healing itself.

In the newsletter, I’ll be sharing more on how we heal from trauma, wellness practices that support healing, and inspirations. The first edition reviews James Baraz’s course and book, Awakening Joy, an approach to living mindfully that is aligned with Somatic Experiencing, and the beautiful Rumi Poem Story Water. Next edition will cover the work of Laura van Dermoot-Lipsky who advocates Trauma Stewardship as a model to heal from and prevent the “trauma exposure response” when we are witness to suffering as we care for others. As a nurse myself, her work is particularly compelling.

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I will be offering a group information session on Friday, July 17, 6-7:30PM.
May you be well.

With Warm Regards,